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My name is Marta

Psychologist, qigong instructor and master in Mindfulness

I'm an unshakeable optimist and believe in a bright future where we can live free of fear and abide in our eternal nature.


I help people reduce emotional tensions so they can feel the unlimited power within them.

My Why

Although the time I spent working in corporate settings has been transforming and uplifting, I saw firsthand and up close how much cynicism there was in the human resources departments thinking about money and how to squeeze out people’s lives. It didn't align with my values. After a life-changing decision, consequences were devastating. I found myself without a job and was struggling, dealing with financial stress every day and eventually that brought me into a suffocating anxiety.
Practicing mindfulness in nature every day, despair and anxiety receded further and further away and I found my way back to happiness and this is what I want to share with others.

Today I'm happy to work with organizations committed to promoting a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world.

my office 2.png

My office is in the woods

During my working hours I'm surrounded by nature and many activities take place in a natural environment. 

My clients

love nature

they really believe in what they do

they know that a better world is possible

they are motivated to unleash their unlimited power

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