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What you will learn 

During the Mindful Money Workshop you will learn how to

- manage your money compassionately

- master your emotions about money using mindfulness

- take control of your related-money emotions

- discover the number one secret to financial freedom and how to implement it

Mindful Money Workshop

17 November 2019 - 10am-4pm

at Breath Works - 7a Alva Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PH

Do you dread looking at your bank balance?
Do you panic when the credit card statement comes in?

If so, come and join us for a day of mindfulness techniques and compassionate money management skills to enable you to manage your money successfully without judgement. We promise no jargon and lots of practical exercises you can use long after the workshop is finished. You will also be given audio meditations to take away with you and a money goodie bag too!
You’ll leave energised to manage your money and be one step closer to financial freedom.


This 1-day workshop, combining mindfulness practices with financial exercises, is led by experienced Mindfulness Coach Marta Regina, as well as, Financial Coach, Helen Monaghan.

What you will do 

- Mindfulness Meditation exercises 
- Financial Exercises
- Gratitude Meditation

- Loving Kindness Meditation 
- Body Scan


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