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private & group lessons available 

This class is a fluent combination of a Mindfulness class and Qi Gong as taught by Dr. Pang Ming, also including other styles.

The Mindfulness training increases our attention and consciousness abilities letting us to detect the natural energy that underlies the everyday experience.  On the other hand, practicing Qi Gong we can activate this energy and since we increased our awareness with Mindfulness, we can detect better this subtle activation.

So, the regular practice of Mindfulness supports the work that is done with Qi Gong because it helps to let go of thoughts and this releases the mind before practicing Qi Gong and increases the ability of concentration helping the visualisations that are done with Qi Gong. 


While practicing Qi Gong, you become aware of the interaction between your movement, breathing and thoughts.  The two practices, Qi Gong and Mindfulness, perfectly complement each other.

This class is offered to groups and private lessons. 

A typical class includes:

Qi Gong movements - sitting and standing meditation - visualisation - awareness exercises - daily home practices to reinforce the benefits.

Beginners are welcome!



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