The benefits of mindfulness practice can be greatly enhanced by working in a one-to-one session. A coach who has experience practising and teaching mindfulness can support you in deepening your practice.

With over 20 years’ experience as a mindfulness coach, I can make an immediate contribution to your continued success. As I have with many individuals over the years, I can guide you to build resiliency skills and show you a path to make positive changes in your life.

Mindfulness One-to-One can provide you the key to create your own sense of calm, balance, and inner support to thrive in today’s chaotic world.

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Free 30 minutes discovery call

All of the Mindful Trainings:


8-Session Mindfulness and Forest Bathing Coaching

A remarkable journey into the deepest part of yourself using nature connection techniques...

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One Mindfulness Session

One hour mindfulness session, as a support of your practice or introduction to meditation.

Guided Meditations

At the beginning people find it easier to practice mindfulness following good guided meditations. That's why in this page you will find free guided meditations taken from my online mindfulness programme.

In this way you can have a taste for the full online mindfulness programme.