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Week 6

Bringing Mindfulness Into Daily Life


Sometimes, we say that the last week of a Mindfulness programme starts now but does not really have an end. If this course has been useful for you so far, you may want to consider the question: 

How will I continue practising mindfulness in my daily life, on my own?  

You may decide that you would like to continue the practice in a formal way, incorporating in your schedule a sitting meditation or body scan, for example, or you may already have an idea of how you would incorporate into your life one or more of the many informal practices (e.g., mindful walking, mindful eating, STOP, listening mindfully).

Remember that a daily strategy is helpful for maintaining and deepening the skills developed during the course. In order to do this you can choose one of the practices you did:

3-Minute Body Scan In The Workplace

4-Minute Mindful Breath Exercise

5-Minute Mindful Sound Exercise

24-Minute Body Scan Practice

The important thing is not the specific exercises you choose, but that you make them yours, and that they resonate with you in a way that they help you to be more alive, engaged and joyful in your daily life.

To help you plan your weekly mindfulness practice, you can download this document:


During these times it is natural to feel and experience fear or anxiety. I’d like to share with you this meditation that can help you mitigate the fear that you may be experiencing. 

Fear is one of the worst areas of the mind to live in and it is the doorway to all lower emotions.

To get the maximum benefit of this meditation, it's important to practice it daily. The daily habit is one of the most important things when you practice meditation. 

Anxiety Relief Meditation



When you are listening with full attention you are improving your relationships by creating a deep communication with someone else. You can use the time you are listening to practise compassion.
In this video Jon Kabat-Zinn reinforces the key role that compassion and self-compassion play in a mindfulness course. 

Listening Is An Act Of Love

Happy practice!

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