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What you will learn 

This workshop will provide you with some useful mindfulness writing techniques that you can apply in everyday life, to develop self-reflection and creativity.

You will learn how to settle the mind during the meditation, how to journal your practice and how to use writing to enjoy the present moment.

Mindful Writing Workshop

23 February 2019 - 2-4pm

at Santosa Studio - 21 Albert Street Edinburgh EH7 5LH

Do you want to relax in a creative way?

Come and learn a different meditation practice, create a journaling practice of reflection and self-observation, explore a deepened relationship to yourself through creative expression.

You will use writing about your mindfulness practice, by journaling what comes to mind when you are meditating; reflecting on what it feels like just copying by hand a set of affirmations, as well as, creating a gratitude list.


This two-hour writing workshop, combining mindfulness practices with creative writing exercises, is led by experienced Mindfulness & Qi-Gong Practitioner Marta Regina, as well as, Mindfulness Practitioner & Poet and performer, Colin McGuire.

What you will do 

- Mindfulness Meditation on the breath 
- Mindful Writing exercises 
- Gratitude Meditation

- Loving Kindness Meditation 
- Mindful Transcription 
- Body Scan

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