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Executive Coaching

for Stress Reduction

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Stress management program based on mindfulness, designed for chief executive officers or for people that are constantly under pressure and unable to stick to a fixed schedule.

Are you frequently traveling? Are you worried of being unable to meet future performance levels? Are you constantly exposed to intense and recurrent interactions?
Do you have extreme pressure to achieve goals in short time?  Overwhelming workload? Are you often covering other's role? Are you involved in constant decision-making tasks? In your organization, there is a crossover of roles? Do you feel stressed out at work and at home?

About this program

This brief and flexible 6-week mindfulness-based program is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of busy professionals. It also was created to be delivered by phone sessions and online exercises, using e-mail and videos.

This program will guide you during a busy day taking breaks without any interruption of your activities.
When people complete the program, they usually notice that their levels of stress decreased significantly. 

This program includes:

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6 private sessions 

30-minute each session 

email support

guided exercises

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What this program can do for you


1. Increases  your ability to be focused so that you are more effective making decisions.

2. Promotes serenity teaching you to be more calm and at the same time efficient and goal oriented.

3. Gives you relief reducing tension and improving your wellbeing.

4. Helps to maximise your effectiveness and enhance you professional life.

If you'd like, you can book a free 30-minute discovery call. Please, send me a message sharing a little about yourself, what you are struggling with, and what you have already tried. 

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