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Nature can help you with stress and anxiety. 

The practice, long-popular in Japan, is gaining traction in the world as a way of harnessing the health benefits of being outdoors. By practicing Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku, you will immerse your senses in the natural environment for relaxation and positive health and wellness benefits.

Forests reduce concentrations of stress hormone, blood pressure, negative emotions and have a relaxing effect on people.

During these sessions you will be helped to connect with the natural world. 

Forest Bathing 

is a short leisurely visit to a forest, which is similar in effect to natural aromatherapy, for the purpose of relaxation.

Caress a tree

Inhale some pine

Open your 5 senses

Listen to forest's sounds

Slowly walking through the forest

Look at all different nuances of green

And fostering an emotional connection to the nature


You can practice at home or outside

If you're planning to be outside, my suggestion is to wear loose clothes, comfortable shoes. You will be moving slowly and possibly sitting on the ground. Having a small mat, bag, or cushion to sit on can be nice.

If you are inside, you might sit close to a plant and a window with a view outside, if possible. And if you use essential oils you can have the smells of the forest into your indoor environments.

Are you ready to mindfully appreciate the nature around you? 


The idea with Mindfulness and Forest is to offer a

forest-centered approach to life. I will guide you to open yourself to what nature has to offer.

Slowing down your steps, you will tune in on the environment around using your whole body, changing your point of view feeling as a tree or a river, and being aware of any detail of your mindful stroll.

marta nature 3.JPG

Try Mindfulness and Forest now!

By following the guided exercises below, you can have a taste for a Mindfulness and Forest Bathing session.

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