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The Peaceful Mind Audio Programme.


This audio programme has been designed to help you to find peace of mind amidst turmoil. In this package you will find guided meditations and some teachings to help you develop a deep mindfulness practice, and make it part of your daily life. These audios will help you to face the reality of uncertainty when the level of anxiety and fear is high and to feel calm even when the world seems turned upside down.

Peaceful Mind (In times of uncertainties)

  • A simple, practical audio course to learn how to be more aware in your daily routines, getting rid of anxiety and fear. Empower yourself with tools and teachings to handle and overcome worry, fear, anxiety, and stress and start living a life focused on purpose and joy.

  • 13 audios with talks and exercises:

    • How to go beyond fearful thoughts.
    • Starting the day with positive focus.
    • Guided body scan.
    • The power of gratitude.
    • Gratitude practice.
    • What this programme can do for you if you're experiencing anxiety and fear.
    • Starting the day with a settled mind.
    • Mindful Eating Exercise.
    • and more
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