Life can make us feel overwhelmed and anxious.

It's time to slow down & feel free.

It's time to start enjoying life.

Hi, I'm Marta

I am passionate about helping people like overcome the stress and anxiety that runs your life.


I understand your struggles because I have also fought these daily battles with myself so I understand  difficult situations such fear, frustration and despair.


I overcame all those emotions and created a life I love and I'm passionate about sharing this gift with as many people as I can..




It's time to overcome stress & anxiety and start living a life that you love. We will work together during 1-1 sessions to help you clear blocks and create more happiness & fulfillment in your life.



I have created guided meditations for you to start creating a sense of peace & fulfilment in your life

 It's time to slow down & feel free.

© 2019 by Marta Regina


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