You are constantly exposed to stressful interactions with people inside and outside your company.

You don't have a fixed scheduled and travel very often for work.
You have to cope with strong pressure to achieve your goals in a short time.

You have a heavy workload.
You carry a heavy decision making responsibility for your company.

Meet Marta


For many people, fast pace at work is a daily source of stress. My calling is helping them to be more serene and increase their inner joy.


I can understand you because I also struggled hard everyday with all the feelings connected with making decisions in difficult situations: fear, frustration and despair. I overcame all those emotions with resolution and determination and I got my life back again.

You can make a decision to act in a way that shifts your life. Don't let fears make the decision for you!  

Marta Regina

When the day starts to be chaotic, a mini-exercise can put you back in control of your life. Just like any muscle, your brain needs a recovery session after a tough workout.
This is the kind of exercise you can do quickly in between the many other things in your busy day. Let's follow the voice in the audio "3-min Mindful Breath Exercise".
Having taught over 20 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses, I use an integrated method of wellbeing talks and practice exercises. I work with you to create a functional system where every part of your life works in harmony, utilising all of your potential with the focus of using your mind, heart and soul to guide you. Specialised in Coaching for Executives.  

Mindfulness and Qi Gong



  Costa Rica



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